Friday Link Pack - 8 Links for your weekend reading

It has been very busy in the office this week. We are constantly developing our in-house processes to make sure we can deliver services of the highest quality. This week we were looking at how we could improve our Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) output. BIM enables architects and designers to create and examine a data rich virtual building in 3D before anything is built. Click here to find out more.

If you have also had a very busy week... here are some other links to help you unwind. 

  • Although all our projects are modeled in BIM software, they all start life sketches. It is very important to us to explore and develop ideas through sketching. This interesting website lets users upload a digital sketchbook and share them on the web for others to view.
  • This small project shows how texture can be added to both external and internal spaces through the creative use of brick.  
  • We are always keen to explore the use of brick within our projects. The image above is of one of our completed projects which used three different types of brick and bond both externally and internally. See more images here.
  • Traditional craftsmanship and materials have been used to great effect on this sharp modern hotel in Bali. 
  • These small sculptures show the amount of detail which can be crafted in stone.
  • Ikea has just launched this new bicycle. So if the weather is not too bad this weekend why not get out on your bike.
  • If Northern Ireland weather isn't to your liking and you are about to jet off somewhere warmer...  have a look at this new design for a T-shirt which enables you to communicate without speaking the local language.

Have a great weekend!

Graeme Skelly