Friday Link Pack - 8 Examples of Excellent Residential Architecture

As two of the guys within the office are renovating their houses at the moment we thought it would be nice to illustrate some examples of inspiring residential architecture.

  • Homes can function as more than just a dwelling as seen in this excellent example.
  • Holiday homes don't come much more beautiful than this.
  • Existing structures can make for exciting homes as seen here.
  • Simple extensions and better space planning can make all the difference!
  • Another example of a nice simple extension.
  • The picture above is one of our own works done a few years ago. Click here for more info.
  • This prefabricated module could sit nicely in a piece of land somewhere!
  • A simple palette of materials makes for a stunning series of spaces as seen in this example.
  • Finally, we would like to mention the great loss to architecture with the sudden death of Dame Zaha Hadid, click here to view a collection of her greatest works.


Jonny SpenceComment