Friday Link Pack - Have a great Easter!

It's been a shorter but busy week at Doherty Architects... but at least we have the long Easter weekend to relax. Here's some interesting links to flick through while doing so.

The good weather last weekend meant we were able to enjoy the great outdoors. Here's a great example of how architecture can sit within the landscape and visually connect between the outside and inside.

The good weather was also a benefit when it came to site visits. The render above is one of our larger schemes in the office which has just started construction. See some of the recent site visit images here.

For those that use Archicad as their drawing package; here are some clever 'Hidden Easter Eggs' to explore over the weekend.

At Doherty Architects we believe that the best architecture can be created using simple forms and a simple material palette. Have a look at this great example from Canada.

When it comes to Design... get your facts right!

In the office we are always keen to seen how materials can be used in new ways. This Art Museum cleverly blends fritted glass and corrugated metal sheets to great effect.

Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? Happy Easter!

Graeme Skelly