Happy Friday! Here's this weekend link pack!

- We love this house with its simple materials palette . . . the settings and views aren't bad either!

- The Highline in New York has been well documented in recent years, here's and insight into an unexpected consequence of the scheme...

 ... However, inspired by the successes of the project, other cities around the world have attempted similar projects.  Here's a look at London's Camden Highline.

- This residential scheme in Germany features a tasteful, contemporary response to the architectural language of its site.

- Apple have partial completion of their new headquarters, we're not sure of the style of this one, but we're looking forward to seeing it finished!

- Brompton Bikes have reworked a classic, have a look here!

- This project is a great example of how you can bring life back into an old church!  It reminds us of a similar project we recently completed in Belfast!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jonny Spence