Friday Link Pack - 8 links to kick off the Bank Holiday Weekend!

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend! Here are some links for your reading pleasure: 

  • We've had every type of weather this week in Belfast. Have a look at these snowy pics taken of the Harbin Opera House.
  • This slick timber clad house in Sofia takes advantage of the stunning views both outward and inward.
  • Speaking of timber clad houses... here's one just for the kids!
  • The image above is from one of our completed projects. This image shows the exposed internal surfaces of the original church tower which were intentionally not painted or covered up to highlight the contrast between the crisp modern extension and the original building.  See more images of this project here.
  • Have a look at this modern extension which also exposes areas of the existing fabric to highlight the contrast between old and new.
  • Are you thinking of painting the spare bedroom over the long weekend but are stuck for a colour palette? Have a look at this website which shows the typical colour palettes used by famous artists. 
  • Choosing paint colours does sound a lot like work... these designs for crazy golf courses do look more fun.
  • If you really want to be creative this weekend... why not be inspired by what this guy builds in his garage.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend... have a great time!

Graeme Skelly