The expansion of Belfast during the industrial revolution led to mills and industry surprisingly close to Belfast City Centre. So it was with Ulster Linens off Sandy Row. This project is a part of the continual transformation of this site from its original use on to light manufacturing and now to office and design based industries.
The specific buildings were industrial warehousing orientated toward the Linfield Industrial estate side of the site.


The formation of new openings, canopies, porches and a pedestrian path on the Weavers Court side give expression to the new use and occupant type , reorient the building and animate the previously blank wall giving new life to otherwise redundant buildings.

Internally the fit out is a simple layout of cellular spaces to one side of an open plan area clad in assorted timber. This gives texture and warmth. The lightwell above catches south light and softens it as it bounces down to the floor below with the timber cladding finally ensuring there is no glare to screens on the office floor.

Air is admitted from both ends of the building in intentionally tall windows to maximise depth of light penetration. The air rises in the lightwell to openable high level glazing. This height also allows a temperature gradient in hot days. The result is a radically but simply modified building section which does not require air conditioning. Wall and Roof insulation complete the transformation.

B871 Graphic.jpg
The conversion of old textile buildings to modern 21st century IT/Aerospace usage has been very successful, combining the use of natural light, natural air changes and colour to complement the lawns outside.
— Project Client
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