Laser 02 Office Building


The ’Laser 02‘ building is the latest in a series of Office developments we have designed at the Weavers Court Business Park in the centre of Belfast. Each of the developments have their own visual identify adding to the parkland aesthetic  of the site and this project was to be no different.


This latest development is the largest on the site at four stories high together and nearly 4,000m2 in area.  The site location had been fixed at the farthest extremity of the complex adjacent to an existing listed red brick church. This presented us with an opportunity to terminate a long axis on the site and take advantage of key views over Belfast.

It was  our desire to continue with the theme of variety on the site combined with the desire to reference the history of the location.  To this end  we utilised two looms which had been retained from the previous weaving use to mark a tall entrance space to the building and to act as sculptural elements in the main staircase within. The building is constructed in red brick with expressed steel frame internally and black zinc externally to give a sense of the industrial buildings which once stud on the site.

As a shell and core development we were keen to ensure we met with client demands for flexibility in subdivision hence the layout with a central entrance stair and escape stairs at the extremities giving the potential for up to eight tenants.


Under Construction

Historic Map.jpg
The display of the looms was critical to the development of this scheme. The building entrance has been orientated to enable the looms to be viewed upon approach and revealed in more detail as the building users ascend the sculptural staircase, subtly acknowledging the history of the site.
— Project Architect
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