The practice has developed an architectural design philosophy with a focus on sustainability; a drive to satisfy Social, Environmental and Economic needs.

As architects we see our role as bringing this philosophy forward for the benefit of the project and client.

In doing so we seek to ensure our buildings will function under the following headings:


The creation of functional buildings which are in harmony with their architectural concept.
A sustainable approach to the building encompassing low energy and long life.

Societal Contribution

A belief in Community and the building of positive social interaction between occupants within the building and between the organisation and its neighbours where compatible.
A belief in the need for our buildings to contribute positively to their site in the context of improving the urban design and/or the landscape of the vicinity as a whole. 
Support for a regional architecture which is informed by Local materials, Climate and Culture.
The appropriate retention and reuse of historical buildings which reinforce the continuity of community.


The building should project a pride in Corporate identity
The building should have 'delight'. It should be rewarding on an individual basis to Live, Work and Relax in, and Visit.