The Delta Warehousing scheme comprised the design and construction of a new 4978sqm single storey factory extension and associated external works to the side of an existing operational factory complex. The main works included new dispatch areas, production areas, connection lobbies and recessed dispatch ramp to accommodate 3no. articulated lorries.

The brief was to provide an insulated, weather and air tight Factory Building extension to comply with the current NI building regulations whilst maintaining the operation of the existing factory.


The steel frame, masonry walls and metal cladding system was an obvious choice of construction for this project due to the existing context, speed of construction and end use of the building. Our approach was to carefully assess the design of the the portal frame to balance cost of construction against optimisation of floor space. The building was to be filled with large manufacturing machines which required precision positioning to function correctly and minimise connections between each machine process.

Large warehouses are typically crudely constructed. With this project an air tight precision building was required with machine fixing points measured out to the nearest millimetre. We successfully achieved this by working closely with the client, contractor and suppliers to ensure everything slotted together perfectly at the end of the project.
— Project Architect