Friday Link Pack - 8 links for some weekend reading!

Well the weathers finally broken and we're back to good old Northern Irish rain again, fingers crossed we haven't seen the last of our summer though! We've rounded up the best of the web this week; have a read below.

  • A number of nice photos of Rafael Vinolys tower in Park Avenue in New York have been released. Take a look here
  • A stunningly simple artists studio, worth a look.
  • A rather nice town hall and community centre project in the Czech Republic.
  • Pokemon Go has us all talking. Check this article out on the effect it is having on the way we interact with our cities
  • 26 things all architects can relate to!
  • The project above is of a refurbishment project of a dwelling in whitehead..see more images here. If you are thinking about developing, extending or building your own home, give us a call or call into the office and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.
  • An interesting article on the notion of modern office design.
  • And lastly... As some of you may be going on holiday soon...would you stay in a hotel like this?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jonny Spence