Friday Link Pack - Give these 8 links a read!

Its the 1st of July!..where did that come from? We're still hoping for some summer weather here in the office but in the mean time take a look at this weeks interesting links we've came across!

  • Last weeks shock Brexit vote has a lot of people reeling, the latest news concerning the creative industry can be found here
  • A tragic accident involving Tesla's Autopilot function occurred this week, read here for more info.
  • Bjork is back in design news and is still as eccentric as ever with a 3D printed mask seen here
  • The image above shows a feasibility study that we completed recently, more information to follow next week!
  • This sea fronted project in Helsinki is definitely worth a look
  • An office trip to go on this slide is being brought up at our next staff meeting. All in the name of CPD of course.
  • If anyone has a site in the jungle and would like us to design something like this amazing house we would be very interested!
  • And lastly a beautifully simple form lends itself to this wonderful project. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jonny Spence