Friday Link Pack - 8 Interesting links to read this weekend.

Creative Industries Belfast_23B7862 (18).jpg
  • Our Creative Industries building, pictured above, has been featured in VM Zincs Yearly publication - to see their gallery and more information visit here. 
  • BIG's Serpentine Pavilion has been unveiled, take a look hereor to navigate through a 3D model of the pavilion click here
  • Copyright is always hot topic within the design world, this story on Aldi's take on the famous Eames Chair makes for an interesting read.
  • This modern extension to an existing farmhouse looks interesting, nice interiors too!
  • A few great designs shortlisted for the Latvian museum of Contemporary Art.
  • A great list of Archdailys 100 Top projects..Definitely worth a scroll.
  • What do you think are the top two qualities needed to succeed in Architecture?..Click here to find out.
  • As Co-working is becoming the new way to work within cities, could you imagine yourself co-living? Click here to read an interesting article on the subject.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jonny Spence